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How much does PowerPlayer cost?

The first 60 days of every PowerPlayer team account are free of charge. After that time period, subscription fees are US $9.99 per team (unlimited number of players per team) per month. Cancel at any time

How do I create a PowerPlayer account for my club or team?
Click here to create your team, then follow the directions to download the application to your phone, personalize it, and upload your team roster. Parents and coaches will be invited to download the app and to connect it to your team’s account.

What kind of data does PowerPlayer collect?
PowerPlayer is a feedback and communication platform. It will transmit and store messages consisting of text, video, images, PDFs, or links. Team and athlete information such as height, weight, etc. is also stored.

Do I need an internet connection or wifi in order to use PowerPlayer?
No. The PowerPlayer mobile application stores data locally on any device and forwards it to the system’s databases when that device is connected to the internet.

What types of devices does the PowerPlayer application run on?
PowerPlayer is a mobile app designed to be accessed on any smartphone running iOS or Android. 

What data do coaches and administrators see?
Coaches and administrators see all data for each and every player, parent, or coach on their team.



How do I create a PowerPlayer account for myself / my child?
If you or your child (under the age of 18) will be playing for a PowerPlayer-enabled organization, you will be provided with an invitation to download the app and a link to create an account. Once your child’s account is connected to their team account it can begin accepting PowerPlayer messaging from the team’s coaching staff.

How much does PowerPlayer cost?
The first 60 days of every PowerPlayer team account are free of charge. After that time period, subscription fees are US $9.99 per team (unlimited number of players per team) per month. Cancel at any time

Is PowerPlayer data retained as my child progresses from team to team?
Yes, PowerPlayer data is retained in personal accounts by team/season. Once a season has ended, data is still viewable, but no additional data can be input to that team account. 

How does the permission system work?
PowerPlayer is designed around the premise that the account-holder (parent/guardian or individual over the age of 18) holds the right to grant or revoke read/write privileges to any organization and its coaches. Accepting an invitation to connect a personal account to an organization account grants certain read/write privileges. Either party can terminate the connection at any time.

What data do I / my child see?
You / your child can see only your own or your child’s personal data (messages shared privately to them) and data that has been shared to them and other members of a selected group. You cannot see data shared privately to any other team member.

What data do my coaches / my child’s coaches see?
Coaches can see data for all players on their teams.

What if my child has a PowerPlayer personal account but their coach / team does not?
PowerPlayer data can only be input by authorized, verified coaches who are connected to organizations to which permission has been granted by a parent, or by an athlete over the age of 18. In order for that to be possible, a coach must have a personal account and be connected to a funded team account.

Can I input data or edit the data in my account / my child’s account?
No. PowerPlayer is designed to collect data from credible, verifiable sources – the coaches and instructors who have been asked to help guide the development of young athletes. Unless you are a verified, PowerPlayer-enabled coach for your child’s team (in which case you will have limited, short-term ability to edit your own comments but not data) you will not have the ability to input, edit or delete any data in your child’s account.

Can I share the data in my child’s account? What if I want family members, other coaches or organizations to see my child’s data?
You have the right to share your own or your child’s data. NOTE: As with any passworded web based system that contains sensitive or private information, sharing login credentials with others is strongly discouraged. Anyone who logs into an administration level account (ie a parent’s account controlling the account of a minor) will have full privileges and access to all settings and personal information.

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